Rotate View in Paper/Layout Space

Hi Guys
I'm using AutoCAD LT 2000i and I want to rotate the view in Paper
/Layout Space whilst keeping the model and the X-Ref I'm using in the
same position/
rotation in Model Space.
Any idea's how I manage it ?
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Sorry Guys but you have not answered the question.
DView works in Model Space....
I want to keep Model space as it is
I want to rotate the Image in the viewport in Paperspace without any effect to the model. I have seen a post where someone has done this before, but I can find it.
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This does not answer the question
I want to keep the model the way round it is in Model Space
I want to rotate the Image in Paper Space leaving the drawing in Model space alone.
What you suggest does nothing to the Paper Space Image in the viewport.
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Use floating model space in your viewport.
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Use DVIEW / TWist inside a floating viewport in Paper Space. It will rotate the viewport's contents, but will *NOT* change anything in Model Space.
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Paul Turvill
Magic works like a charm.
Thanks Paul
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