dimensioning in paper space?

Hi all,
lately ive decided to start using dimensioning in paper space because im
using multiple view ports with different scales on the one layout, and
dimensioning in model space doesnt work well this way. The trouble is, i
cant see the dimensions i put in... as soon as the dimension is in, it
disappears. I can see it in plot preview, and if i plot then it does come
out, but i cant see it in the layout screen... if i select it, it appears
in selected color (blue), but as soon as i deselect its invisible again.....
i cant see what im doing wrong here, though im sure its something simple.
Ive tried using different colors in the dimension styles setup with no
effect, and changing my text style too, tried putting the dimension on
different layers, and changing its colour in 'properties'... what am i
autocad 2002
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Shaun Van Poecke
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found another clue - when i delete the view port i can see the dimensions. is there some way to have the lines in front of the viewport rather than behind them? I am using mview/hideplot to show detail better on some 3D parts.
Thanks, Shaun
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Shaun Van Poecke
to the best of my understanding, there is no depth to paperspace. your dimensions cannot be behind a viewport to be hidden by it. they are floating viewports, so if viewports overlap they both plot. I have used this trick before.
at first I thought you were somehow fooling yourself and working THROUGH the viewport, creating your dimensions in model space. but if you delete the port and the dimension is still there, no.
is it possible you have a viewport in a layer that is turned off that you cannot see?
it sounds like you have some variable which controls visibility which is not copesetic.
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