Model (1).pdf

Is there a way to suppress the "Model (1)" in a pdf plot from AutoCAD so
that the plots will be 113.pdf, 114.pdf, 132.pdf instead of 113 Model
(1).pdf, 114 Model (1).pdf, 132 Model (1).pdf etc.?
Thanks in advance.
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Chuck Fluri
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I think it's Don't plot from model space use a layout and name it what you want in the layout I cant rem if that works or not most around me still work & print in model space also there is checkmark in driver we use ghost! I prefer Adobe 3d :)~ there's a checkmark in ghost soft do not plot model tab then I think the .PDF driver reverts to the layout name or names if plot to individual .PDF per layout or it might just add-layout.PDF I thought I had it working once before? let me know what your using adobe or freebee soft?
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It's an actual adobe plot driver Adobe PDF from Acrobat 7.0. I also have a freeware driver PDFCreator but I seldom use this one and I don't have AutoCAD configured for it.
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Chuck Fluri
No. (At least, I can't think of one). In later versions the layout name is disregarded altogether - unless you include a '.' somewhere in the layout name. I've tried various things in the past - custom lisp routines, etc. Now I just batch rename the files using filerenamer, but if anyone's got any better ideas, I'm all ears.
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"strawberry" schreef in bericht news:
I use an free PDFwriter (like cutePDF writer) as a printer driver. It's asking for a name, but that's not handy for batch. If you configure batch printing from Acad you get a multi page PDF.
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RoB de Vries

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