vpmax troubles

AutoCAD Architectural 2008
Vpmax is causing me serious problems.
To begin, I have yet to find a reason to maximize a viewport. Some of you
might be using it with great success but so far its purpose has eluded me.
If it is a really wonderful feature I will appreciate a brief explaination.
I do not use the cute little VPMAX button under the command line and I do
not type the _vpmax command. I have no desire to delibertely invoke the
command. Sometimes when double-clicking a viewport to activate same I
accidentally click on the viewport "frame" therein unleashing the dreaded
vpmax deamon. In attempting to return to paperspace there is better than a
50/50 chance that AutoCAD will cease responding. When my hard drive starts
spinning at a high rate (gotta' love that sound) and the hourglass appears I
immediately know disaster has struck. I could take a trip to the South
Pacific and upon returning find the HD would still spinning (if it hadn't
burned up) and the hourglass steadfastly perched in the center of the
monitor screen. The only option left is ctl-alt-delete * applications* end
task. Even this is problematic as it must be repeated many times. As
expected, all changes since the last save are lost.
Autodesk's tech support response was their standard cop-out "we can't
duplicate the problem so it must be drawing specific". So, I am turning to
the real experts to see if any of you have an answer or suggestion (i.e.
disabling the viewport border double-click response?)
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