Odd viewport behavior

I am working with a large number of older drawings from another (now
defunct) office.
With an unlocked viewport set at a particular scale (any - it doesn't
matter), if I change from Paperspace to Modelspace through the viewport
(double click or button or keyboard), it changes to Zoom Extents in the
Also, the printing area shown in paperspace is often not even close to 0,0
leading to unpredictable drawing positioning during printing.
Both problems are really annoying and time-wasting.
Does anyone know how to correct these behaviors?
Thanks in advance.
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maybe the easiest thing to do would be to insert their drawing into a templet file you are familiar with.
but I seem to remember UCSFOLLOW can have odd effects like you describe. try playing with that.
if their printing area is not even close to 0,0 - it sounds like you print to limits or window and their plotter config was printing some other way.
do you need to save their titleblock? if not, to hell with their settings. eh?
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