CAD Files As Interactive Software Programs? Microsoft Wants to Hear From You Here...

This is an appeal to ask CAD users to send their comments to a Microsoft
blog [1] that Microsoft has set up to ask for comments regarding support for
vector file formats in their Microsoft Expression [2] software now in beta.
You see, we are on the threshold of a new era with CAD. Seriously, software
development has undergone rapid changes and it is now possible to refactor
vector drawing files, i.e. CAD files, to enable the drawings themselves to
become interactive software programs -- but -- CAD users must let Microsoft
know that CAD users want support for vector file formats that are important
to CAD users. Just imagine...
...interactive floorplans, interactive radiological diagnostic devices,
exploded isometric drawings that will display specifications when a mouse is
dragged over a drawing part and so on. All of this and more is possible
right now as can be seen and imagined by simply viewing the current demos
The catch? This will not happen for CAD users unless *you* as a CAD user
load that Microsoft blog [1] in your browser and tell Microsoft that you
want Microsoft to support vector file formats used by CAD applications. All
you need to do is name the CAD vector file formats you want support for.
CAD users can concede this emerging era to those who draw buttons and
animated monkeys or CAD users can let Microsoft know CAD users are serious
professionals who do serious work beneficial to all of humanity. Let
Microsoft know we need and want support for CAD vector file formats.
Imagine new jobs open to us! Imagine what our serious and creative minds
have to offer!
Microsoft has asked for our input. Now let's give it to them...
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