Help import blueprints to cad

A some blueprints, I would like to import into a CAD program, what is the
easiest way?
What format should a scan the blueprints in at?
Thank you
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Souh West
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To be truthful, redrawing in 2D or 3D is faster and more accurate and produces quicker end product, provided you are good at the CAD program you are using.
Scanning doesn't cut it.
Souh West wrote:
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If you are going to recreate the drawings by creating 3D models, and then producing drawings from these, then scanned data will not help you - you'll need to start from scratch.
If you are going to produce 2D CAD drawings, then there might be some benefit IF the drawings are crystal clear, with black lines on white paper or film. In that case, you'll need to Google for "raster to vector" conversion programs and then scan the drawings in a format the software supports - probably tif or bmp.
Whatever you do, it will be worth having a permanant digital record of your drawings, so scanning them is a good idea and I'd suggest either tif or pdf as a suitable format to save them in. This way, anyone can access the drawings over a network and print/email them. Also, it will let you check (manually) for errors in the creation of the 2D/3D CAD data.
Regards, John H
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John H
Unless your digitizing program is smart enough to make horizontal and vertical lines EXACTLY just that, the whole process is a waste.
John H wrote:
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I have to agree. There's no point in scanning in a drawing unless you keep it as a PDF. But if you do that, there's really no functionality to it pass the first scan. For example, you can't traditionally rev it, or usually modify it in any way.
Hire/contract a kid just out of drafting school, Junior College, or an Engineering intern with SolidWorks exposure if you just need some quick and dirty work done. Or, you can contract more experienced persons (as I'm sure there are many on this message board, at various rates) who can provide what you need very quickly, cleanly and accurately.
Bo wrote:
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