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LinuxCAD is today's leading computer aided design and drafting program for The Linux Operating System.
LinuxCAD has grown in sales and functionality since its original introduction in 1998.
LinuxCAD now represents a complete computer aided design program for Linux ... it is a complete replacement for AutoCAD. For any practical purpose, it implements all major features of AutoCAD in such a way that experienced AutoCAD users do not need additional training to start working with LinuxCAD.
Linux users who are new to CAD will find our Users Manual an easy way to learn the CAD trade. There is so much similarity between LinuxCAD and AutoCAD, that while learning LinuxCAD, you will simultaneously learn AutoCAD.
With remarkable ease you will find yourself creating all kinds of technical illustrations, diagrams, sketches and industrial quality drawings.
Suggested Uses: flowcharting,land surveying,mechanical drawing , architectural drafting, entity relationship diagramming ,software engineering diagramming.
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