Really odd file size behavior

Going through files to convert ( to 2005 ), change sheet format, and check in to PDM today.

Had windows explorer open for ez drag-and-drop to assemblies. Finished conversion of a file and noticed the file size had doubled from previous. I wasn't 100% sure that I'd seen what I thought, so I did a couple more files. I noticed that the reported file size varies greatly from save to save depending on the individual file.

Try this with a few of your files. Open them and do nothing, other that save it, over and over. One of my files size varies from 103 KB to 532 KB, no changes whatsoever. I verified the changing file size by putting it on a floppy a couple times.

Not all files exibit a 500% change in file size ( most are much smaller changes ). But for those of you working with very large single parts, or massive assemblies, it might be worth your time to see if you can get a smaller file size. Especially if you have to check them into/out of PDM over a network.

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Hi Brian,

SW uses microsofts compound file system, everytime you save it it is saving some parity/recovery info in the file in case of corruption. There is or used to be a 'compound file defrag utility' around or if you save it as another name you should notice the filesize diminish greatly.


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For reference files, I generally use EcoSqueeze before making them read-only or checking them into our PDM vault. Or if I need to send them to someone.


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Wayne Tiffany

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