Unloading large number of unbuilt kits

I'm in the process of inventorying and disposing of a pretty large number of
un-built kits, mostly in 1/72nd scale, although there are some 1/48 as well.
As an example, I have some 75 un-built F-4 kits in 72nd scale, both Hasegawa
and Fujimi. Also about 25 un-built Hasegawa F-14A's (New mould).
Is there any source you are aware of that buys large lots for re-sale?
Don H.
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Don Harstad
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try jeff garrity at rareplane detective. all around good guy. but be aware that no one will wave big money at you. you might try one or two ots on ebay to test the market. yeah...a real pain in the ass.
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