Speedaire Compressor Model Number?

I have a Spededaire Compressor. 3HP Electric Motor. 25 gallon. 2 cylinder. Green color. Horizontal.

The only ID information seems to be the casting number on the compressor. L206B.

I would like to purchase the gasket and valve kit.

Is this enough information? Would a picture of the compressor help?

Thanks Bob AZ

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Bob AZ
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You probably have the 2-3/4" bore by 2" stoke unit, grainger part number 4B247. (or possibly the 1-1/2" stroke pn 4B246) shown of page 1165 of

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Parts kits are shown on page 1169 you can get gaskets, valves, rings and the full head.

Bob AZ wrote:

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65 ofwww.grainger.com


Thanks for the very prompt response. It is appreciated.

After looking things over I really feel you have given me the information I need. Everything in the illustration relates to my compressor.

Next week after disassembling the compressor I will go to the local Graingers, get the kit and install it.

Thanks again Bob AZ

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Bob AZ

There seems to be a minor model change somewhere over the years. I think that SOME of the repair parts have changed. But the gasket and reeds should be the same. I went through this a couple years back on a used

2hp Sears unit. Did not buy the repair parts, mine had 'other' issues. :(

The price for the repair parts from Gra> >> You probably have the 2-3/4" bore by 2" stoke unit, grainger part number

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