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I've been looking for a motor for a Lionel Model 33 train. When i look for a motor for this locomotive, i come across many part numbers and motor types. I'm not sure which motor will work with this locomotive. I haven't taken the engine apart to get more information, I thought I'd try this first...

Maybe I'm not giving enough information here, not sure.

Can anyone help me with a part number or actual part for a Lionel Model


Any help is appreciated.


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The No. 33 was an early standard gauge electric cataloged from 1913 through

1924. The Greenberg Guide list that 5 different physical (i.e. not just different paint colors) variations were offered during that period. This was a period when Lionel repairs were made by returning the item to the factory, and the later network of factory authorized service station with numbered parts lists and service manuals did not yet exist as it would come to be. Thus, even if you were to specifically identify which variant of the No. 33 you have, it would not help identify a part number for the motor as there were none. Starting in the later 1920's, Lionel standardized on two basic motors for its standard gauge trains - the "Super Motor" and the "Build-A-Motor". These motors and their parts differ significantly from the earlier designs. Very few reproduction parts are available for these early tinplate trains - the source I use is
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(518.392.2660) and he only lists wheels, motor brushes and brush tubes, couplers, and some superstructure trim parts. I think your best bet may be to contact someone like
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(651.578.0626) who is experienced in rebuilding and rewinding very old toy train motors. Gary Q

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You also might contact MTH or Williams since they reproduced the Build-a-Motor and MTH still uses it in some of the conventional standard gauge engines that they have produced.

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