router/plasma table z axis and gear ratio's

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my table is a 4*8 table, I am looking for a better design gantry mount for the z-axis, when I get ready to do full sheets, I will have to have the torch start past the slats (off end of table) to be able to cut a full 8 ft sheet of metal, I am hoping to find a setup that might be a bit wider allowing the slide blocks and rails it moves up and down on (I do not know the proper term) to be out further so they might sit further towards the gantry allowing the torch to be closer to the gantry

It also was setup for stepper motors and now has servo motors on it, I was told the motor to pinion ratio (I think 2.7?:1) was wrong for servo motors and would like to start looking into changing that, does someone know places to start looking into doing that?

thanks Tom

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Linear distance per revolution with any rack and pinion drive =3D pinion = pitch diameter x 3.14159265

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diameter x 3.14159265

I'm not sure I follow this, I can measure overall diameter of my current gear, I can measure the diameter of the motor drive gear and the pinion driven gear (mine runs a belt between the motor and pinion gears)

I do not know the proper ratio for servo motors on my setup, I'm sure I need more information to find that out, just not sure where to find that information

I AM new to this with little information about it all still


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