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Getting a random Z-axis Overcurrent error. (Mori Seiki, Yasnac MX2) What
would cause a random overcurrent, worn brushes?? (D.C. Servo.) Errors
while idle or moving.
Any ideas, anyone?
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Clay, the advice you recieved from Half-Nutz is the place to start. Send the motor out to a reliable motor shop and have it rebuilt properly. Of course the servo amp may have an issue with crossfiring, but you would probably be tripping the main . Overkill would be replacing motor amp and get back to production.
I was on service a few weeks back where an overtemp alarm was being issued as soon as the machine was turned on, logically it didn't make sense. I had a spare Fanuc amp and replaced to see if the problem went away, it did.
Start with the motor if you have time . Good Luck DaveB
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overtemp is determined by the two white wires from pulsecoder, sounds like you had an intermittent contact on feedback connector, intermittent OC alarms... you should check if you have a regen ckt or a external discharge resistor, do you have a megohmeter? check the motor power leads, what is displayed on the drive?control alarm? just a few extra questions.
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