2 AXIS CNC table

I'd like to get a simple, reasonably accurate, lower cost (kit or otherwise) (or used Ebay), X and Y table to use with say, a moto tool for simply drilling pilot holes in sheet aluminum.

050 aluminum....max dimensions 12X12 or 12X?

I've seen plenty of nicely done stepper controller boards but haven't encountered much on the tables.

Doesn't have to be professional tolerance...just something to get the pilot holes done or even something as simple as "marking" the pilot holes.

Any leads? websites?......THANKS

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Have a look here:

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That's a nice resource. I'll consider it when I pull my CNC project off the back burner to the drawing board.

At this point if the OP doesn't like the price of those slides, a suitable table can be made will open pillow blocks and rails or even closed pillow blocks if there won't be so much force that the rails flex.

I found the Simplicity line from

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to be one option.

For linear bearings which is what one CNC machine company appears to be using I found:

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I could look harder and come up with something in the US.

A standard frame stepper driving a 20 TPI screw gave me 1 mil resolution or better, IIRC.

I think the pillow block option would be cheapest, but haven't priced the linear bearings.


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