Transparent viewports?

Hi all,
I'm using Autocad 2000 on a WinXP Home box, and when creating a viewport
whilst in paperspace, now have the problem that the area enclosed is not
transparent. I like to put all my text in PS, but now it is not visible
where it lies under the VP.
Using MVIEW and VPORTS makes no difference, neither does selecting the text
to bring to front.
Is there a command line setting to fix this? Help does not describe this
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use draworder to change which is on top
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You did use the SCALE comand inside the viewport?
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I'm not sure how that would affect it. It looks like a setting on a couple of drawings, as a new drawing from scratch does not have the same problem.
Draworder seems to be the same as selecting display order / send to back etc, and did not work in this case.
A copy & paste of MS and the drawing block to a new drawing has done the trick tho'.
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I have found this problem when an inserted image is in the viewport.
In Page Setup, ticking the box Plot paperspace last usually works for me
-- Mike
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