I am working in the new 2007 version, after several years away from AutoCAD due to work assignments. I need to use the WIPEOUT command, but I'm not familiar with it, and something is going wrong.

I need to blank out behind a detour road sign so that it's readable over railroad tracks. I used PEDIT to convert the outer lines of the sign to a polyline for the wipeout outline. I set frames to no, and used the polygon option to select the exisitng polygon.

There are about 5 offset lines around the border of the sign. Then, there's the "DETOUR" letters (drawn as polylines, not typed as text) and an arrow in the middle. I selected the letters and the arrow and changed their Draw Order to "Bring to Front." The only thing that displays is the outermost line around the border of the sign. The other 3 or 4 sets of lines, the letters, and the arrow do not display, though they will highlight if I run the mouse across them.

I looked through the book I have (Sham Tickoo's Autocad 2007: a Problem-Solving Approach ), the helpfiles, and a few sites online today, but can't find anything in-depth about what's allowed and what's not allowed about the command. All I can find is the procedure to follow. All of the troubleshooting deals with the wipeout polygons not plotting properly.

Is there something specific I'm doing wrong, or am I going about this completly backwards?


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First of all Susannah, NICE POST! Thorough, articulate, pretty complete. How refreshing!

A work-around, if all else fails, would be to add some "Z" to the stuff you want to see. Then, you would have to remember to be careful about snapping to them.....

See Longshots reply.

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Michael Bulatovich

Sorry for the delay in responding.

At the time, I was not working on this in paperspace. It was something in modelspace that needed covering. I did get it working, though now, I'm not too sure how.

However, now I am working in paperspace creating a new title block for the work group, and I've run into the same problem, trying to get the title block to show. When I highlight the titleblock, I don't have the Draw Order option available, and that had worked for me a few times in model space. Neither the helpfiles nor my book mention a distinction between using the WIPEOUT command in modelspace or in paperspace. Does it not work in paperspace?

Thank you.

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