Plot problem Acad2007

I have a problem with AutoCAD 2007
I have a 3D drawing drawn 1:1 in model space, nothing fancy just a few boxes
and tubes.
I have my A3 border 1:1 in paperspace( Layout1 tab)
I have one viewport setup to display my model.
I have my page setup defined for monochrome plot style.
The problem I have is that whilst the border and any associated text will
plot in black and white (cos they are on the layout tab)
The model within the viewport still plots in colour despite having
monochrome plot style selected.
Using Windows XP and several different printers. HP LaserJet 2600n, HP
DeskJet 5150 and also printing to Adobe PDF
All end up with same result.
Any ideas ?
Almost forgot - I had another problem but I seem to have cured that.
The Border on the Layout tab was totally obscured by the viewport.
In order to 'see' the border I had to tick the box on page set up that said
'Plot paperspace last'
Very odd - i thought this settign only altered the plotted output and not
what was displayed on the screen.
Help please - it's driving me mad !!!
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have you tried to set up your printers to print only in black and white? this may be a solution
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Jairo Grijalva
That's an option/workaround
but I'd really love to cure the problem.
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