R-14 Toolbar question

I got a new computer and installed AutoCad R14 and thought that if I just
resored the C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14 then the toolbars would be just =
the way
I had them in the old computer but it did not seem to work.=20
The workspace is black instaed of white, The units controle are changed =
and I
lost the toolbar flyouts, etc
Is there a simple way to get it back to the way it was?=20
Thanks so much for the help
____ _
| __\_\_o____/_|
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Setting the background to white instead of black is (I believe) in Format->preferences or maybe Tools->preferences
For your tool bar setup, position your cursor over one of the toolbars that are showing, then "right" click, and choose customize. You can check and uncheck the toolbars you want. You can drag and drop items to and from different toolbars while this is open. When you done close this out you can redock the toolbars you chose by clicking on them and holding the mouse down and dragging them to the side.
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