AutoCAD R14 Fatal Error Message

I'm working on a fairly big drawing. I keep getting "Fatal Error" messages and I have to recover the drawing. When I do, part(s) of the drawing is missing! This is slowing me down because I have to redraw the stuff.

Is this a lack of memory problem?


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Don Kaminska
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- to stop regenerating after loading by multiple "escape" and to save as new file

- to insert the problem-dwg as a block in a new dwg



Don Kaminska schrieb:

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Cadman (remove x)

You might have some AEC or Mechanical objects that acad 14 doesn't know how to handle. You can attempt to install the object enablers floating around for acad 14. You can also try stopping the regen with the escape key that was just mentioned and saving the drawing down to release 12 format.

If all else fails ask around and see if someone can recover the drawing in 2004 then save it to a release 12 dxf file then open a new drawing in 14 and DXFIN the R12 DXF file.

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