Fatal Error

I'm tring to move into a new PC Win 2000pro. Everytime I attempt to
install my Map2000i release 4.5 I get a Fatal Error. This happens after
the serial numer and key are inserted. The installation wizard shows the
install started and goes to about 3/4 of the way on the status bar. No
other info is given. Going back to Win 98 is not an option.
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I don't know if this would cause a fatal error, but if you weren't logged on as administrator or had power user privelges, the installation wouldn't work. The fatal error throws me because, usually if you don't have the privileges it will tell you with a pop-up box....or sometimes it will take you all the way through the installation process and you'll think everything is fine until you try to launch the program and its not there. I don't ever think I've seen a fatal error result from insufficient privileges. But, its something you may not have considered if you're migrating from W98. Good luck.
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John Taylor

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