Crash, Crash, Crash

Hi group. I am trying to load a DWG with ACAD2000 and it is failing in certain cases. I have tried different versions of the DWG and I have gotten different error messages during operations.

FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0xffffffff Exception at


INTERNAL ERROR: !stub.cpp@184 Error Handler re-entered. Exiting Now.

I believe it was originally created with Revit. There was an XRef which was bound. A few layers were frozen and one was locked. When I un-froze everything, I got the FATAL ERROR. I don't know what operation(s) in Revit might have caused this, or whether there is a known issue with binding XRef's.

In ACAD2000, I tried RECOVER but still get the error:

INTERNAL ERROR: !stub.cpp@184 Error Handler re-entered. Exiting Now.

I tried moving my graphics hardware slider over to the left, but I kept getting the same error msgs above.

Thanx for any help. Regards, Todd

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you can open this file by intellicad 2000 and save as new dwg file, then open this new file with acad 2000, this is working for me.

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