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I use SW on a Pentium D 2.8 GHz with 2 GB RAM and nVIDIA GeForce 6200 Turbo Cache. But the SW keeps crashing for some strange reason. Anyone has any idea whats going on?

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We need some more details, this is like calling up a mechanic and saying my car doesn't move....whats wrong with it? He will just laugh at you.

How and when does SW crash?


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Ben Eadie

turn on software open gl (tools options, performance with no documents open), if it stops crashing, it's a video driver problem

delete the local user section of the SW registry. if that fixes it, it was a registry corruption (back it up first)

log on as a different user, and try it again. could be a profile corruption,

uninstall, clear the registry, defrag, clear out the temp files, check that you only have about 1 Gb virtual memmory set to min and max

make sure your antivirus is off when you install

if you're working with files over the network, bring them local and try again.

reformat your hard drive and reinstall everything.

if that doesn't work, be more specific about your problem.

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Thanks Ben,

Next time I will be more specific. It crashes when I am working with 3 or more models or doing an assemnbly with couple of drawings..

When I insert a component, the chances of crashing are more. The next time it crashes I will record the actions I performed before SW went down.


Ben Eadie wrote:

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Hey Matt,

These are the exact solutions that SW tech support gave me. I have files on the network and SW crashes when I have an assembly going on and I insert a component.

I have odered a new graphics card (as my current card is recommended by SW).

Let me see wether this solves the problem. If not I will keep track of the action I did before the SW crashed again and will keep you posted.

Thanks a lot again for the advice.


matt wrote:

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