Jumping pick box

Platform: ADT '07
Processor: Pentium D 930 3.0 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500 pro 256 MB
Sometimes I experience a jumpy pick box. When zooming in to attempt to
select one of two or more closely placed lines/objects, the pick box jumps
around so badly that I can't select the desired object. The problem doesn't
occur all the time, just often enough to be a frustrating. Turning off
snaps, grid, osnaps, ortho, otrack, dynamic input and polar does not help. I
haven't been able to figure out what causes the pick box to be so erratic.
Has anyone discovered a reason and/or solution?
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George P
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What kind of mouse? Are there any speakers, or power supplies near the mouse? I have had this to happen when I had a power supply nearby.
George P wrote:
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Bill Mollman
Microsoft intelli-mouse optical - wired (not wireless) No speakers or power source within 3'. And, just like a tooth stops hurting when you get to the dentist office, no pick box problems since posting. That statement will, of course, jinx me and jump-o will return soon.
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George P

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