ADT alert?

When I try and insert a block into my drawings I get a message / alert
"Architectural desktop has detected objects from a future version in
this drawing. ADT commands have been unloaded. to work on this drawing,
use "save as r14" from the original application.
I am using architectural desktop 2i... any ideas? I have tried saving to
r14 doesn't do anything All I have to do is click the warning box off
and I can insert the block but it comes up every time and is very
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Appears you are using blocks created by a newer version. Only solution I have heard of (other than up-grading) is to explode the blocks and re-create each. Otherwise 2000i will always want to caution you. If you are refering to AEC objects you can't explode and re-create as all "intelligent" features will be lost.
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George B
Well thats a good guess but its not that simple. Sometimes this message comes up and sometimes it doesnt. Once it does it always comes up.. even when I cut and past as block to a simple object like a line. I will pay more attention to what exactly I am importing the next time it pops up. Thanks... any other ideas?
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