Insert model into a layout?

Hi, simple question here.
I want to insert my drawing that I have drawn in the model workspace
into a Layout. I have a border with drawing no., title and all
inserted as a block. How do I insert my model into the layout and have
it update automatically as I continue to revise my drawing in the model
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You use a VIEWPORT.
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Michael Bulatovich
Wow, that was simple!
Whenever I have to explain paper space and model space, I get a trash title block plot and cut out the middle. I have two people hold it up for me, then I stand right behind the drawing and say "Here I am at 1:1 scale [step back a few feet] here I am at quarter scale [step back a few feet] here I am at eighth scale..." Nothing like a good visual to get the point across.
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Marc Clamage
I resisted my pedantic urges to lecture the OP about the virtues of learning the names of things etc., etc., and tried a Longshot-ish one-liner : )
You ever notice how they had to put tabs on Paperspace to be able to sell it? I get the feeling almost everyone is using "layouts" now, whereas you used to get the blankest stares when you'd try to sell the merits of PSPACE just a few years ago.....
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Michael Bulatovich

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