v2005 to 2008: Insert Block issue

I've recently upgraded from 2005 to 2008. And I've only one issue that I'm a
bit stuck on. It involves inserting my Symbols.
I do electrical design and have lots of symbols. I use a combination of PopUp
menus and Lisp to insert my symbols. When I insert a symbol, I pick my insert
point, rotate it, and press Return (or Spacebar) and then continue on with
multiple inserts.
Under 2005, I had no issues. In 2008, the issue (minor that it is), is that
Periodically I only insert One symbol.
When this happens, a 2nd (unwanted) symbol gets added to the drawing way off
in the distance. This never occured in 2005 and my Lisp hasn't changed.
My Lisp code is:
(prompt "Pick insert point ...")
(Command "-Insert" Fgr "S" FigScal pause pause)
(Command "Copy" "L" "" "M" (getvar "Lastpoint"))
It's the 2nd Copy Last command that appears to create my unwanted 2nd symbol.
I've tried a few ideas with different code, but can not get around this.
I know that if I press ESC instead of Return (or Spacebar), the 2nd symbol
does NOT get inserted.
Any suggestions?
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Mr. B
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I'm not exactly sure why this is a problem, but the rotation prompt doesn't like the pause statement. I dropped the last pause statement and got this code to work. Maybe autodesk changed the way the insert command works in regards to the rotate function that it uses. I know that in 2007 they introduced some automatic rotate3d functions when in a 3d view, that may have caused a rewrite of the functions insert refers to get the job done? Anyway I think its a pretty good find.
(defun c:insroco (/ inspt) (command "-insert" "test" (setq inspt (getpoint "\nSpecify Insertion Point: ")) pause pause ) (command "copy" "l" "" "m" (getvar "lastpoint")) )
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Hmm... I'll try that.
Who knows, eh?
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Mr. B

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