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Hi all, Is the above command only available through the history tree (surface and solid bodies) or are you able to somehow select bodies or surfaces in the window/viewport? With a large multi-body part file I find it tough going finding the right body in the feature tree to select. Regards, David K

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The bottomline is there are A LOT of users (mainly acad users and LONG time SW USERS who don't have a clue) who or don't understand or will NEVER understand the power of insert part.

Plus, SW Corp isn't very bright so, you and EVERYONE ELSE who care to be productive are going to have to fill out a ER (Enhancement Request) to have selection upon insert (Like Pro/e has had for years!!!!!) I know, it makes TOTAL sense to choose the features you want upon inserting so you DON'T have to weed through the cluster fu$# of data!!!

It's a total cluster fu#@,.. because, insert is or can be a GREAT feature which continues to be poorly addressed. SW2008 is the first assertion on adding more entities (sketches) to insert list but... it seems the SW Corp doesn't see it as a important.

My workaround suggestions are,... (maybe what you're doing now?) Create a configuration which deletes all the bodies not used, leaving the body which will be used, then insert part (using that configuration). And/or, "NAME" the body (so you can find it) in the parent part you want inserted and upon inserting, select all the bodies in the solid/ surface bodies folders and delete them, except your one (named bodies,..) which you will be using.

Anyhow, I've been asking for this functionality since I've been using this inconsistent tool.... w.....a.....y....b...a....c...k .... SW98. Well, it seems clear that it takes about 10 years for things at SW Corp to change.....

.. (SW Corp,.. where the business model =... adding useless GLOW in the Dark GUI features,.. and, breaking and fixing functionality per sp!)

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