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I'm new at this... I hid a part in the assembly and can't get it back. The part file also has turned invisible, although the tree looks okay. Help, please!

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Mac Harper
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Well you can search the tree the part you hid should show as a clear block instead of a yellow one. If you have many parts then you have to do them one by one. There are some utilities out there to help handle this type of stuff, i believe most of them are free. I wrote one that gives you a preview of the part. If you would like to use it send me an e-mail and I'll send it right over.


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Corey Scheich

open the part, rmb on ANY feature, Show Solid Body

hehe :)

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kenneth b

If you know you only have that part hidden, or maybe only a few identifiable ones, you can highlight all the items in the Feature Tree, then go to Edit\Show with Dependents and decide what configs it applies to, if you have more than one. This will "unhide" everything down to the last, deepest part.


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Wayne Tiffany

hehe is right - in SW2004, it no longer works that way. You can only click the LAST feature that contributes to the solid body to Show/Hide.

I have presonally complained in the past that surfaces didn't work like solids; we could conveniently show/hide on any feature in the solid, but only the last feature that contributes to a surface could be clicked for a show/hide. So, in a viscious attemtp at consistency, instead of fixing the way surfaces work they screwed up the way solids work. Way to go (insert insult here).

They will of course excuse themselves by pointing to the bodies folder at the top of the tree - but if you have many hidden bodies, some copies of others, its a severe waste of productivity to find the correct one to show/hide.

Maybe the guy who was charged with this fucntionality was leaving the company and wanted to include a little 'f*** you' into the program on his last day? Thats the only thing I can think of that explains this.


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Edward T Eaton

Dunno... I tried all suggestions so far but no go. Since it was a design table controlled part, I deleted and recreated it. Still don't know what caused the problem - there are dimensions and it occasionally previewed okay, and sometimes it just previewed with a shadow, but when it rebuilt,

*poof*. Anyway, moving ahead now. Thanks, all.



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Mac Harper

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