how to export STL to ACIS or IGES (for GAMBIT)

I am working on a project. I have an object in stl format and need to convert it to ACIS or IGES to be used in gambit (for FLUENT) as I can't seems to do slice operation with the stl format in GAMBIT. I'm more familiar with ACIS.

Anyone has any idea how to convert stl to IGES. With SW, it gives error message as "No available entities to process thru IGES."

With SW from stl to ACIS. I saved the ACIS file. But when I tried to open and see if it's ok, error message says "No solid data".

What are these suppose to mean?

Help much needed.

Thanks, Andrew

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When opening the file you have to go to Options in the File Open window and select solid or surface body. Then when you go to Iges or ACIS it will have some data to translate otherwise you are just importing a 3d graphic.


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Corey Scheich

Keep in mind though that the "Solid" or "Surface" options will create individual faces for each facet in the STL file. An ACIS, IGES or STEP created from such a solid/surface body will contain facetted representation instead of boundary representation (BREP).


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