Try and get paid

A tale of woe.
The first challenge is to get a judgement. I did this some years ago when a
customer asked me out to make keys to her car. I did, and she promised to
mail me a check.
Many phonecalls and many excuses later, I filed in small court. She kept
reading the list of all the things she was trying to pay off. And promised
to send me buck a week or so.
Four dollars and a court date later, I had a judgement.
I never did bother to file at the county courthouse.
The gal did call back and ask why I filed the claim after she promised to
pay. Well, simple. I didn't see a penny of her money. I promised not to file
if she started to pay me. She didn't, and.....
Now days I don't hand people keys until I see money coming towards me.
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Stormin Mormonn
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years ago when a
she promised to
court. She kept
off. And promised
she promised to
promised not to file
towards me.
I never take part payment without calateral. last time I got to keep a $400 ladies watch for a $52.00 ballance owed. by the way, I now own the watch...
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One I heard many years ago "ass, grass, or gas, baby. Nobody rides for free."
Well, I'll have to settle for the fillup, I'm not into fornication or drugs. But it was a memorable expression.
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Stormin Mormonn

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