crash to desktop

bob z. just had his first CTD in over a month! kickin booo-tay!!!
this is good. bob z. crashed autocrap a lot more than this.
this doesn't really bother good ol' bob z. to crash. bob z. saves a lot.
probably saves too much. so, it's not really a big deal. (not being able
to save or not being able to open is another issue altogether, but bob z.
has seen neither in a while.)
the last CTD was 6-7-03 (before that it was 6-5-03 and 6-3-03)
this is just a post of elation. elation because of the lack of CTD's.
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bob zee
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sorry! bob z. shoulda put that info in there. swx 2003 sp3.0 win2k sp 3.0 dell precision 350 p4 3.06ghz 1gb ram
unnecessary prog's running: winamp outlook express lotus notes (has a newsreader built-in - couldn't get used to it)
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bob zee
Hold it, this is the same Bob Z. that used to complain about 6 crashes per hour? The same Bob Z. that won't take sides? What has happened to change Bob Z.'s fortunes? Is Bob Z. using the SW Linux port? The open source version? Did Bob Z. start modeling just blocks and cylinders? Did he find the "AutoCTD" switch in the registry? How is it that Bob Z. has cause for elation while others are moaning in despair? Tell us, how did Bob Z. do it?
Bob Z., thanks for saying so. I know it's an unpopular move to give people good news, but sometimes it has to be done.
"bob zee" wrote in news:bf1p1p$a02ef$
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I managed to CTD SW2004 Beta2 in 15 minutes.
Jim S.
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Jim Sculley
well... bob z. does mostly simple, prismatic parts. nothing beyond what can be made on a simple 2-axis mill or lathe. bob z. on the other does deal with a lot of imported parts. these parts can be pretty big and annoying. bob z. has been doing this type of work consisitently since he started on swx (swx 2000, if you are interested - not as long as the 'masters') :~)> about the wildest thing that bob z. does is use a lot of configs. bob z. has to show a lot of things in different positions. (not that position. get your mind back up here! as Dice would say, "i'm over here now!") bob z. is beginning to wonder if the key to swx' robustness is how you hold your tongue when the Operating System is installed and then how the moon is pulling on your hard drive when swx is being installed. wait, maybe that is two keys. hmmm....
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bob zee
It's funny that you posted this - I've been on a bit of a SW marathon lately (40 of the last 52 hours) without a hiccup, and was thinking about making a similar disclosure to the NG. The week before I did 70 hard hours with maybe one crash and no CTD. This, with doing all of the stuff that's generally pegged as causing problems - surfaces, in-context references, odd features, configurations, multi-bodies, super long trees with large memory drains, etc.
SW 2003 SP 3.1 has been exceedingly stable, and boy do I appreciate it!
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Edward T Eaton
Similar good news from here
As long as I don't try to run dual monitors, and provided I quit everytime I start running low on my 512 MB of RAM (I just had to order 1 gig for my Dell M50 laptop and my eyes are still watering- obviously going to 2004 is simply not going to be an option, cause it won't take more than 1 gig) (In 2001+, 512 was always more than plenty for the same type of models) I sometimes go as long as a week without a crash. This is new since going to SP3.1.
I waver between feeling ridiculously grateful, and the realisation that I could be yielding to the same syndrome as a battered spouse, giving thanks for a whole week free of beatings.
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Andrew Troup

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