Solidworks 2004 released

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Solidworks 2004 released

*Solidworks Toolbox *eDrawings Publisher *PDM/Works *SolidNetWorks licence Manager *Solidworks MoldBase *Solidworks Vewer *Solidworks Explorer

Solidworks 2001 =2cd-rs= Solidworks 2001 Plus =2cd-rs= Solidworks 2003 =3cd-rs= :

All programms with documents and waranty. if you interesing this programm mailto:

Also we have every version: Ansys, Cosmos Works, PTC, ACAD, 3D MAX and VIZ, every Microsoft programms, macromedia and so on...... we are wayting your order!

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cadsoft_from McD
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I smell a rat.

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T Bennett

Typical pirate/thief. This one happens to be Russian, and it's propably a scam to boot. Send me money....see ya. What are you gonna do, fly to Russia to get your fifty bucks back. Sad thing is people are gullible enough to fall for it.


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Mark Mossberg

That would be 4rd times.

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Ray Reynolds

Dops - would that be similar to "dopes"?

Check - do you mean "cheque"?

Come on, get it right - if you're going to take the mickey out of someone whose first language is likely to be something other than English (Russian judging by his email address), at least try to spell your insults proper! Is your Russian as good as his English? (By the way, my Russian isn't too hot either).

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IMO you should all stop writing in english and use finnish instead... ;-) We finns don't usually have any problems in spelling at all, because finnish is always written in the very same way it is pronounced. English is very confusing, because you have to learn how each word should be spelled. Some have been even asking for spell checking functionality to SolidWorks - which from our point of view is kind of funny idea... :-D


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Heikki Leivo

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