insert new view - get dimensions!

bob z. was sittin here and chillin and drawin and just all-around
being cool. bob z. is ALSO detailing a part. but, wait, gotta get
the nitty-gritty out there first:
swx 2007 sp3.1
dell comprooder (old and slow and really tired)
dell keyboard
microsoft trackball explorer
motokrzr cell phone (red - think of the movie - "Get Shorty")
nortel desk phone
long hair
there. that about covers it.
back to the issue at hand. bob z. is a bit haphazard in the way that
he works. he will grab a part and start detail on it and them maybe
add a view and continue to work and then realize that maybe just one
more view will be needed to fully get the point across. are you
feelin' good ol' bob z.? well, here is the deal: every once in a
while, a view will come in with ALL OF the model dimensions. this is
a very sporadic and unrepeatable thing. it is not a big deal, of
course. not a deal breaker. just sorta annoying. anybody else see
bob z.
p.s. Sweetly she draws me into her arms
A liquid embrace to chase the day way.
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bob zee
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I've just started seeing this since upgrading to 2007. If I add a detail view, it includes all the model dims, even if the parent view didn't have any!
John H
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John H
I think Bob Z. may have uncovered an Easter Egg! This has got to be a new feature of SW2010 that was snooked in.
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You by chance didn't insert an ANNOTATION VIEW rather than a normal drawing view. They added this enhancement in 2007 that would create a drawing view with any annotations that you had picked to display in drawing while modeling the part.
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hey! good call! bob z. can not say exactly which button he hit. hmm... bob z. will have to look into that a little closer. weird.
bob z.
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bob zee
Must have sneaked in that new feature when I was sleeping in Drawing Essentials.
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