have just upgraded to wildfire II beta, wildfire I was crashing eavery

30 minutes in XP. Wildfire II has not been an improvement on crashing. I am finding it horrendous to use compared with pre-wildfire versions. copy rotate and other functions that we have come to rely on as gear manufacturers seem to have disappeared. some of our pre-wildfire models have been failing in wildfire and when the feature is opened in sketcher, the unresolved references cannot be deleted, therefore we cannot reolve the failure and have to start all over again. Has anyone else found the wildfire upgrade a backward step and a pain to work efficiently with?
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There's a new pre-production build available that just went on the website yesterday. I'd download it right away.


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I've been using one of the earlier Wildfire builds for a few months now. So far, it has been as stable (or better) as 2001. Also, Copy Rotate is still there, and even has its 'old-style' menu-driven interface. You pick 'Edit'=>'Feature Operations' from the top pull-down menu, and from that point it is pretty much unchanged from Pro/E 2001. What other functions are you unable to find?

As to 'upgrading' to a beta release, if I was a manager of an engineering department and one of my engineers did that, he'd be in a world of pain and trouble. Beta release is meant to be used in one's spare time, to get familiar with new upcoming features and in the process help PTC debug the software. Using it for production work is reckless, to put it mildly.

The unresolved references that can't be deleted happened in the previous releases of Pro/E as well (at least in 2001 and 2000i2). I have not been able to figure out what causes them because they don't happen too often and I was always able to find a workaround to redefine such features.

To summarize, no, I haven't found Wildfire a backward step and I find it easier to work with than the previous versions.

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Alex Sh.

Beta releases and early buildcodes of Pro/E are always a mess.

My boss used a preproduction version of 2000i² and found he could crash Pro/E when in the hole creation dialog box using any button in that window with the right sequence of inputs.

In any production situation, I think it's rare for experienced users to migrate over until at least the 3rd buildcode since initial release.


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David Geesaman

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