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I have just started teaching a CAD course to undergraduates using the new release of Wildfire 2, running on diskless linux machines. First impressions is that it is more stable than WF1 and the more consistant GUI is helping the teaching.

Unfortunately we will also have to run the code on some windows machines as part of the course, a linking piece of software will only run under windows! The course is quite intensive and so I am trying to remove any possible hickups before they occur. Has anyone seen any problems with the new release? In particular, any glitches related to running on Windows XP machines, which we haven't yet used for teaching post Pro/e 2001.

Many Thanks for any hints

Peter Long

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Typical rule of thumb for long time Pro-E users is to wait a while on new releases. Since you have already installed and are at a teaching enviroment, you may not run into the problems typical of a new release. Everything I have seen and heard is that many issues have been fixed. Another note is that industry is typically using Windows operating systems for their designers/engineers. The biggest thing we ran into at my current company was that the graphics cards needed upgrading when we moved to Wildfire on our XP systems.


Eric Mills Senior Designer

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Hey, I tried to get Wildfire 2 and clicked on the button that said: "send me the new license key" and nothing happened. Maybe I should send my sales guy a note... It'd be kindof funny if the CD's showed up before the "quick" process did anything. Release 2003451 seems to work OK on XP.


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If diskless is important to you, you may be interested in Qualystem LanPC software. It makes it possible to run Windows on diskless PCs. PCs are actually using their CPU, Memory, Graphic Adapter etc., not like thin clients ! Then runing 3D and CAD applications under Windows on diskless PCs is made possible when using Citrix ICA or Microsoft RDP clients to run such applications off an application server would require quite an expensive server (multi processor, memory etc.) if it is only possible.

If you are interested, please have a look on our web site

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