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Okay, MMB is spin; Ctrl MMB is zoom; Shft MMB is pan. Now what was the other way? It's been a while and I'm starting to forget. Keeps you sharp, these little changes, don't you think? Anyway, if you need something to keep your brain fresh, read mystery fiction ~ Christie, Archer, Simenon, Asimoff, Stout, there are so many of them and all worthwhile. It would help, in this forum, if you would concern yourself with more substantive issues. And, no, I have heard of no way of cheating these changes, such as that silly excresence, SKETCHER_INTENT_MANAGER no. My advice, embrace change, don't be a scardeykat little girl, because the *girls* will beat your pants off (More power to them, love every one of them, and you won't find them in here whining about their favorite mouse pick changing!) Oh, and personally, I love what they're doing with the software, I just wish they'd do it and get it done with. NETX REV, ALL OBJECT/ACTION ~ CONSISTENT, THOROUGH, COMPLETE! LET'S DO IT, QUIT DIDDLING WITH IT!
David Janes
: What was the reason for changing zoom/pan/spin using the mouse & crtl key? Is : there a way to change this?
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David Janes

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