Wildfire 2 - 64bit

I read on PTC´s website that there will be a Wildfire2 64bit version. Because MS has announced it´s XP64bit I am interested in switching to AMD opteron 64bit machines. They beat the P4 in performance (even with

32bit)and pricing. The problem seems to be that noone at PTC can tell me if there will be also a 64bit Intralink version. Support told me that they need to wait until Oracle has an appropriate version. But I found out that Oracle has a 64bit version already - R9.

So maybe some of you have heard at least rumours of an Intralink 64bit. The other question is this: MS says that XP64bit will have a "second level" OS called "WoW" (Windows-on-Windows) which allows every

32bit-Software to run properly on XP64bit. Hmm... So in theorie it must be possible to run Wildfire 64bit and Intralink 32bit on XP64bit.

I know that this questions are very new, but I guess we will talk much more about this in about a year.


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Rainer Harter
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Woulda been nice if they'd done that ten years ago when Irix went to 64-bit ... :-(

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Excitable Boy

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