64bit AMD - the better choice?

We are planning to buy new hardware for our CAD-people. Now I ask myself
if it would be smart to buy AMD-Opteron 64bit mashines and run them
with 32bit XP and Pro/E. I know that there is an XP64bit-beta and also
a pro/E64bit-beta.
I read that if you run an opteron with 32bit software and operating
system you are still faster (with proe) than on the fastest AMD32bit. If
you switch to 64bit some day you should be able to run 32bit software
without having such horrible things like FX32 (remeber the DEC-Alpha
Does anybody have any information or experiance with that topic - what
would buy?
Thanks in advance, Rainer
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Rainer Harter
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Apparently AMD-Opteron on 32-bit ProE and Windows XP is the fastest available platform:
formatting link
Good Luck PS
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