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I can take 5 min. on this issue and just describe how we handle revisions and Pro/E - Intralink in my company.

We use Intralink for Pro/E file management and as you probably know Intralink creates a new version of the object each time you check in a model or drawing to the Commonspace. The revision (intralink parameter) is controlled manually by the user. The "As Stored" or "Latest" options defines what revisions of each subassembly/parts will be check out when you open the drawing/model. (We only work with the "Latest" option as our company rule is that if the change is not suppose to affect all the places where this model is used the model will get a new number/name.

When it comes to how this is displayed on the actual drawing we have a fiew table fields in our format that displayes the following parameters:

Revision (Intralink parameter) Description of Revision (Model Parameter) Revised By (Model Parameter) Revised deate (Model Parameter) Approved By (Model Parameter) Status (Intralink Parameter (Release Level))

As you can see the drawing now shows the current Intralink revision on the drawing automatically, the only problem with this is that i can not see the revision history on the drawing (I can still see this in Intralink and that is OK for us)

If you want to display the entire history of revisions on the drawing i you can do this by creating a table (with as many rows as you need) in the format and writing this manually here. If you want the model to be the source for all information (as we do) you will have to create all the parameters needed in your template and display them in a table as described above.

If you want to display the revision for each subassembly/part in your assembly drawing you can do this in a repeat region table (as a coloumn in the parts list) but this is not very relevant for us as we allways use latest.

I think that was 6 min. Hope this can help you in any way


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