Just switched to Wildfire 3.0...

... from 2001. I'm suspending judgement.... so, after making the change has anybody noticed a slowing of performance? Is it taking you a bit longer to repaint the screen for example?

Also has anyone noticed the shaded display looks different? Can this be improved by modifying graphics settings for my computer?

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It's my rough understanding that the big performance jump (downward) is from 2001 to Wildfire. WF->WF2 and WF2->WF3 are not a major difference.


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I agree with Dave's comments re: when the slow down took place and with Eric's on possibly upgrading cards/drivers to clear up graphics problems. Here's where you check on any new hardware requirements:

formatting link

When Wildfire first came out, this was observed a lot and PTC published a TAN on it. I'm sure it's still around if you can figure out how to find it. It's probably three years old by now.

Anyway, the default shaded color and its properties are not modifiable. If you go into 'View>Color and Appearance', the first ref_color (upper left corner of Appearance Editor) has all the controls greyed out for changing the color on all the tabbed pages, Basic, Map and Advanced. You could just create your start part with some basic geometry and set it to a user defined color. But graphics settings on your computer, unless they're tailored to Pro/e and OpenGL, probably won't have much effect.

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David Janes

I'm suspending judgement

I'm not it's a POS compared to r2001

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C'mon, tell us what you REALLY think.

cad/cam/guy wrote:

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What can i swear here ;-)

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