Airshow crash

Hi all,
About two weeks ago, there was footage shown on Aussie TV of an
aircraft crash at an airshow in the USA. There were few details given,
other than the obvious - a restored vintage aircraft that came down in
a carpark.
I haven't seen any further details anywhere, so can anyone in this
newsgroup tell me any more? The aircraft looked like a Ford Trimotor
from the limited footage that was shown.
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James Venables
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Here's the preliminary NTSB report:
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And a brief article:
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James Venables wrote:
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Kevin Kokal
I think you're talking about a replica Ford Tri-Motor that crashed on takeoff. It wasn't a restored aircraft but a replica, from what the local news-wonks had to say.
No one was injured, either on the ground or in the aircraft. Speculation was a control failure - stuck rudder. I haven't heard what the pilot has had to say yet, but from what I saw of my repeated vieings of the film on TV I'd tend to agree with the stuck rudder theory. Why he felt he had to get the thing off the ground to avoid people/obsticles I'll have to hear from the pilot...
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The article quoted in the first reply stated the pilot was injured and the passenger was critical. The two women in the Hyundai that were on the receiving end had minor injuries. At least everyone lived, can't say that about most crashes. hth
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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Yeah...sorry. Meant that no one was killed...
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Oh crap!
That's the Bushmaster that I used to fly and fly in many years ago when Bill Patrick and Ralph Johnson owned her. They had what was called the American Air Museum Society in Oakland and Novato, CA.
Patrick (who owned the Holiday Magic Cosmetics pyramid scam and once ran for President) was killed in the museum's P-51D. Our B-29 (P2B-1S "Fertyle Myrtle", mother ship for the Douglas Skyrocket) is now owned by Kermit Weeks. The nose is in his museum in Florida, the rest in desert storage.
Don't know what happened to the rest. There was a PT-17, a B-25 and several more.
The Bushmaster suffered damage to a couple of feet of wingtip when she tangled with a tree at the ranch once.
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