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Hi all,

I'm having problems with Solidworks 2004 sp3.0 crashing when starting CosmosXpress. This problem is user specific. It's probably a local settings problem, but I haven't been able to solve this without deleting my user profile. Anyone knows how to solve this? The problem keeps returning (it occured on earlier service packs too) and I don't want to create a new user profile every time it happens. Anyone?

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Kornel Ringelberg
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Repair your SW installation.

1) Go to Control Panel 2) Add and remove Programs 3) Find SW2004 4) Click on "Change" 5) Follow the menus 6) Click on "Repair" 7) Click "Next" and let the command finish 8) Restart SW and Test it to see if it helped.

Regards, Scott Baugh

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