What does this message mean?

I have been trying out the Wrap function for the first time and have been presented with the following message

"Wrap only allows one or more closed contours that are disjoint in a sketch"

Apart from not understanding, it seems contradictory to me.

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Peter Nichols
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it means:

1) wrap won't work when there is a single open (chain of) segments 2) or if the closed chains intersect, (like the olympic rings)

These are in fact the same requirements as the extrude feature : if you can extrude your sketch, you can wrap it. Especially, imported DXF logos often require manual work before wrapping.

Check our SolidPlus add-in

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generates 3D sketches by wrapping ANY sketch around ANY surface.

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Philippe Guglielmetti

Perhaps it means "Wrap no likey open contours".

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