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We've a 2002 drawing we received. And it has a strange behaviour in which
I've never seen (and thus, don't know how to fix/correct).
In Paper space, it has three (3) viewports of the Model space building floor
plan. The plans are spaced apart in Paperspace. When you double click in any
one of the viewports (like Mspace)... then ALL THREE viewports zoom to
If you lock a viewport then Mspace... the lock viewports dont' change state.
Only non-locked VPs. I've never seen this in all my years of CAD.
Anyone know where you turn this on/off?
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Mr. B
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Mr. B wrote on Tuesday 23 September 2003 06:56 pm: [snip]
Set UCSFOLLOW to 0 in the misbehaving viewports.
Enjoy, Stef -- mailto: snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.netremove
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S. Yoder
Thanks Stef!
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Mr. B
Is it just because I've heard of it, or does this problem seem to be cropping up a lot lately?
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Daniel J. Ellis
UCSFOLLOW wasn't a "by viewport" option before AutoCAD 2000. It was either on or off for the entire drawing; the change was just another of those mysterious and useless "enhancements" dreamt up by Autodesk. ___
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Paul Turvill

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