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So I grabbed a lot of strange step drill bits at the local used tool store, and am trying to figure out their original purpose. Google has been no help, so here is all I know: They seem to be of two groups, all appear the same, but the part numbers are of the form KCT-xxxx or CTA-xxx All are steel with, some are marked 'W&S', either monogram, or simple printing. Scans may make more sense than words

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numbers on the drills are, from top to bottom:

  • KCT-90 w&s monogram, "u" (the quotes are on the drill) and the Cincinatti symbol
  • KCT-1129 / 3740 W&S
  • KCT-1129 / 3740 W&S
(same as 2nd)
  • CTA-1768 / 1/2(inverted)



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Joe Sixpack
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They are D bit reamers. Designed to drill and ream to close tolerances.

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Dave Baker

In the shop I worked in about the time Bush and Kerry were doing their Viet Nam era military stuff those combination drill/reamers were referred to by the guys as "Dreamers".

One of the "blocks for pounding things on" that on my home shop bench was a mismachined "trunion block" intended for one of those GE "Gatling Guns" fired from the US choppers in Nam.

It's a block of 4140 about 6x4x1-1/2 inches with short cylindrical spuds turned onto the small ends.

We "subbed" several different parts for those guns in that shop.

Thanks for the mammaries...

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Jeff Wisnia

Joe Sixpack

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Don't know. Can't see any cutting edges from the scans. Looks like offset centers. But some function (whether cutting or line-up) that has the business end offset from the main shank. FM

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