Sharpening Drill Bits

Does anyone have experience with the Drill Doctor? Does it really work well? What is the best place to buy one or where can I get a good tool to sharpen my bits?

Also, does anyone have advice on where to get drill bits for drilling into

1/4" mild steel? Even with reduced speed and constant lube, my bits are dull after only a few holes. Cobalt seems to work better but still doesn't last long. Anyone know where to get carbide bits for drilling into steel?

Thanks, Brendan

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What does sharpen small bits well?

I drill safety wire holes in DIN 10.9 Metric bolts (better than SAE Grade 8) and I only get 10 or so holes per carbide drill bit, 3/32 if remember correctly using cutting fluid.

I use the above mentioned bolts in constructing the airplane engine in the link below.

P.S. Abrasha, I wish I had your precision machining talents when I was working on "gundrilling" two 6" x 1/8" Angle of Attack probe for measuring angle the wing is at to prevent a stall. I had to get a machinist from Allied Signal to give me a hand. Bummer when you can't do it all yourself.


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