3d Generation/Cross section question

I am working on a modeling project and would appreciate any help from
some Autocad savvy users. The project entails generating a root and tip
airfoil section for a wing. These sections will be done in the form of
a polyline. The tip section is smaller in length and width than the
root section. Once generated, the sections will be laid out along the Z
axis the length of the wing panel. I would then like to generate a 3D
model of the wing. One the 3D model is generated, I would then like to
extract cross sections of the wing that can be saved as a seperate
entity and exported for laser cutting.
So far, I have been able to do the following:
1. Generate the root and tip section polylines. These are closed
2. Move the tip section polylines to a distance on the Z axis that
corresponds to the length of the wing.
3. Generate a surface between the root and tip section.
I have not been able to generate a 3D solid from the root and tip
polylines, nor have I been able to figure out a way to slice out cross
sections for later use.
CAD version is Autocad 2002.
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
v/r - Bob Kruger
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Hi Bob, I made a Lisp to create the SOLID from sections. Send me your example and I will do it for you (to test out my program) Regards Jochen
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You need m2s.lsp (mesh to solid) this only works on open plines so do the top and bot as separate plines then rulesurf then m2s
then union them all (big file)
and use the section command to make your cutter paths.
m2s is on my site:-
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Terry Rawkins
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Terry Rawkins

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