3d Section Line Generation

I am wondering how to generate a 3d section line (and the appropriate
section marks). I looked it up in the help (I am using AutoCAD2002)
and found instructions to find the "Documentation" menu. I don't have
one of these, and I also don't have any way to find out where this
might have been in the original AutoCAD, as we only have the
Architectural Desktop version where I work. We also don't have any
books here. I think someone took them when we got it. The boss says
we don't have them.
Can anyone tell me what the actual commands are for doing this, as I
have never done it before and am not sure what i am trying to do. If
I had the commands, instead of the directions to someone else's menu
system it would be a great help.
Rick Crawford
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Rick Crawford
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Plain AutoCad does not do this type of thing.
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