Hide or Delete Section Line

Was wondering if it is possible to either hide or delete a section
line and the view arrows but keep the section view.
The only way I can think of to work around this is is by creating a
broken out surface, which is fine for simple sections - but not for
ones where the section line is stepped.
I need to use the drawing for a non technical demo - it just needs to
look good visually.
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Howdy, You should be able to change the Layer of the Section Line to one that can be turned off.
Hope that helps
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One trick to do the above:
copy (ctrl-c) the view that you want to section, (but do not want the section line), and paste in an unused corner or just off the drawing sheet (esentially, creating a duplicate view). Add the section line to that view and create your section. Break the alignment on your newly created section view and align it with the other view you copied. Right click the "fake" view that has the section view and select "hide view". When the dialog box asks if you want to hide related views, select "no" or your newly created section view will hide as well. Now you have the illusion that you are looking for in that you have a section view, but no section line.
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